The Santa Cruz County International Film Festival is an annual event that promotes the  history and future of filmmaking in Santa Cruz County, Arizona and our adjoining state of Sonora, Mexico.

Located on the international border in Nogales, Arizona, the Film Festival highlights the area, people and activities that are part of this region’s history and future, both in cinematography and literature. And we send you a warm invitation to come and participate.

Santa Cruz County has a rich and varied history, abundant wildlife and natural resources, and fascinating cultures and traditions. Cinematography is an excellent way to highlight these characteristics, and the festival intends to do this through activities such as film screenings, presentations, workshops, discussions and tours of movie set locations and other areas of interest.

More than 125 major motion pictures have been filmed here, in addition to countless independent and documentary films. And the number of relevant movies grows every year. Our goal is to explore and appreciate this trove of visual art and its relevance to the locations, events and people it portrays, and to encourage filmmakers to consider Nogales and Santa Cruz County as a movie location.

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